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Grosvenor Place Newcastle

I am writing to thank you for all of your efforts in bringing a really problematic job to a successful conclusion yesterday.

The work involved excavating four joint bays in the back lane, and laying cable through customer prepared ducts. It was in a very busy area of Jesmond, near Newcastle, surrounded by bars and restaurants.

So, we started the day on the back foot.

However, Mick Williams and his teams managed to pull the job around successfully, working with the MUS jointers to get the cables laid onto the customer land, where they were pot ended until the ductwork on site will be completed by the client at a later date.

I would also like to add that never once has Mick (Eco Drill) failed to deliver any task I have asked of him, even if it means juggling his daily workload to fulfil my request. I generally get involved when problems arise and not on a daily basis. His is credit and am thankful to have him working in the Tyne and Wear Zone.

Please pass on my thanks to all involved. I am going down to speak with the gangs personally today.

Once again, thank you.

Judith Shaw –  Connections Delivery Services Manager – Northern Power Grid


McNicholas – Drill Shots

I would just like to express how impressed I am with the level of commitment and professionalism that your directional drilling team demonstrated.

If I’m honest, I thought that you had promised far more than could be achieved. However, this was not the case.

Your guys always had a positive attitude and maintained good spirits in often cold, dark, wet and difficult conditions. There were never any complaints when they worked late. On the contrary,  the only time they got frustrated is when they thought that they could not achieve what we wanted. I personally witnessed them attempt eight different shots in one day so as not to let us down

Now that the final drill shot has been completed, could you please pass on our thanks to ALL those involved from the start, with special thanks to Mick Angus, whose knowledge and determination drove the project from the outset.

I hope I have the pleasure of working with you all again one day

Kevin Elmore – Project Manager ( McNicholas)


M62 – Going Underground

Morrison Utility Services recently completed the successful Installation of 2 x 300 11kV triple ex cables under the M62 motorway and two adjoining slip roads by means of horizontal direction drilling (HDD), from the Leeds side to the Wakefield side, 150 metres in total length and through rock. The work was carried out as part of a 4km cable route for a new customer’s supply. The crossing involved consultation with several high-profile parties including Leeds City Council, Wakefield Council, the Highways Agency, A1 plus and private landowners with the assistance of Northern Powergrid.

Commenting on the project Shaun Irving, MUS Contract Manager, said: “Throughout this project, we worked very closely with our subcontractor Eco Drill Ltd to carry out the work which was successfully delivered ahead of a tight timescale and on budget.

The installation of the ducts through HDD was accomplished in 4 stages. The first stage consisted of directionally drilling a small diameter pilot hole underneath the embankment and across and under the M62 to the designed directional path and a predetermined exit point 150m away. The second stage involved enlarging this pilot hole to a diameter suitable for the installation of the two ducts to accommodate our high voltage cables. The third stage involved pulling the ducts back from the exit point into the enlarged hole to the starting point, finally allowing us to install the cables.

This was a complex programme of works that required strong collaborative working and liaison. My thanks goes to Eco Drill Ltd and, in particular, Mick Angus, Simon Coates and Andrew Burton and Mick Russell. The expertise and commitment demonstrated across the whole team is testament to its success. Well done to all those involved.”

Shaun Irving – MUS Contract Manager

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