Eco Drill

Multi Utility

Eco Drill have vast experience in the Utility Sector and carry out the following disciplines

  • Gas – Large scale reinforcement works and new connections GIRS registered
  • Power – Large scale cable installation for HV & LV connections. NERS registered
  • Water – Clean & waste water connections and installations accredited to WIAPs

Although gas, electricity, water, drainage and telecoms services continue to be delivered as separate installations, more and more clients are steering to the utilisation of a multiple utility installation provider. By having a single point of contact for multi utility installations we believe this makes the overall service delivery a smoother experience for clients.

Benefits of having a multi utility installation provider can see an overall reduction in the project programme deliverables. Because of this integrated approach, less management time is required from the client and costs can be significantly reduced through economies of scale and the need for extensive reworking. The multi-utility delivery from a single contractor is proving to be a sound choice for our clients due to the complex nature of construction activities.


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