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Hornsea – Project One Wind Farm

Posted on: November 22nd, 2017 by Paul Wilson

Eco Drill are very proud to be part of Hornsea Project One Wind Farm, once operational it will become the largest offshore Wind Farm in the world – the first to exceed 1GW in capacity.

Orsted (Formally Dong Energy) are the Asset Owner who appointed J Murphy & Sons as Principal Contractor.

We will deliver 192 separate drills at 64 locations each with a bore containing 3 x 225mm and 1 x 90mm PE HV Electric duct, 3 circuits at each location equating to almost 14km of drilling negotiating Canals, Rivers, Roads, Motorways, HP Gas, Railways HV cables, Water Mains and a Primary Sub Station.

We’ve completed 46 of the 64 drills.

This week we’re drilling a 370m profile across a major roundabout utilising the power of our Ditchwitch JT 100. We’ve chosen a wireline option for steering control. This option was preferred to our Digitrak F5 for two reasons; the obvious is that we don’t want our tracking engineer exposed to any risk with live traffic, the second was that the profile has a challenging radius and we wanted to ensure maximum accuracy through the turn also maintaining the required depth and separation constraints.

The New Year brings two Network Rail crossings and the conclusion of our drilling programme at Hornsea in February.



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