Eco Drill

Water Services

Clean Water

Eco Drill can undertake the design and build, installation, renovation and maintenance of all types of water infrastructure. Projects range from one-off installations to framework partnering. To date Eco Drill have undertaken contracts with a value of over £3.5m to Essex and Suffolk Water, South East Water, and Yorkshire Water in its AMP Framework programme providing improved services to more than 500,000 customers.

In addition to traditional forms of installation, Eco Drill makes extensive use of alternative methods of working such as pipe bursting, directional drilling, rapid setting in-situ spray lining and slip lining to provide significant reductions in disruption and cost.

Waste Water

Eco Drill conducts specialised contractor duties in all aspects of drainage with the knowledge and experience which enables us to provide a range of engineering solutions for any drainage or sewerage project. Services that we can provide, but are not exhaustible, include; installation of foul and storm main drainage systems, connections to existing drainage and the installation of rising and pumped mains systems.

Wherever possible we always try to use our in-house trench less technologies as there are many benefits in various areas which include; Safety, Environmental, Efficiency and Cost.


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